Jennifer Emerson: the actress you don't know, yet.
Ron Livingston as Peter and Jennifer Emerson as the female temp in "Office Space."
Hi. I’m Jennifer Emerson. How did you find me? You were looking for that unflappably happy "case of the Mondays" chick from “Office Space”? Oh. Not that? You were bored, surfing drunk on the Internet and got here by accident? I see. Well...since you’re here you might as well look around.

New Site Stuff: I’ve created a Flickr account to share with you guys. Right now you can check out pics from the set of “Fat Girls.” The majority of them are from a couple of ad libbed scenes that didn’t make it into the movie where the prom dates come to pick up Sabrina and Rodney at Muff and Mary’s mobile home. I just happen to have my camera with me on the set so it was voluteered as a prop for Linda Leonard (Mary). Some of them are pretty funny. Check ‘em out.

Trivia: Lately, I’ve received some emails asking me if I am Michael Emerson’s (a la Ben from “Lost”) sister. Despite our matching surnames and similarly big buggy blue eyes, we are not related. Nor have I met him, so I can’t tell you what he’s like. But if I ever do, I’ll let you know. I’m pretty sure he’s totally cool, though. ;)

At some point, I'll update the site again with more pictures, stories and whatnot. So, please return at will. Thanks for visiting!

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